Die­ses Video gibt Ein­bli­cke in die Ver­ede­lung von Bäu­men. Der Baum­ex­per­te Cle­ment Kum­wen­da zeigt, wie und war­um ein Avo­ca­do­baum ver­edelt wird.
Wei­te­re Infos zum Pro­jekt: www.liebenzell.org/mushili

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Field Preparation

This video clip gives insights how we teach peo­p­le to prepa­re their fields in a sus­tainable and God-hono­u­ring manner.
Mr. Sali­uya, our Head of Agri­cul­tu­re, demons­tra­tes and explains how to do it.

More: www.dawntrustzambia.wordpress.com // www.liebenzell.org/mushili

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How to make Compost

This video clips explains how to make com­post which can be used to grow vege­ta­bles and as a fer­ti­li­zer for crops.
Ins­tead of having to buy expen­si­ve fer­ti­li­zer, com­post has the abili­ty to replace them. Mr. Sali­uya shows how a heap of com­post is made, what is requi­red and how the decom­po­sing pro­cess works.

More: www.dawntrustzambia.wordpress.com // www.liebenzell.org/mushili

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Tree nursery

This com­pre­hen­si­ve video clip gives insights how trees are pro­pa­ga­ted and the pur­po­se of the method. Mr. Kum­wen­da, our hor­ti­cul­tur­ist, shows how are an avo­ca­do tree is being crafted.

More: www.dawntrustzambia.wordpress.com // www.liebenzell.org/mushili

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B.A. Theology / Development Studies at IHL – University of Applied Sciences

With the new­ly accre­di­ted Bachelor’s pro­gram “Theology/Development Stu­dies”, the Inter­na­tio­nal Uni­ver­si­ty of Appli­ed Sci­en­ces Lie­ben­zell (IHL) offers its first pro­gram com­ple­te­ly in Eng­lish, start­ing in Sep­tem­ber 2023 (8 semesters/240 cre­dit points).

This degree pro­gram com­bi­nes the fields of deve­lo­p­ment and huma­ni­ta­ri­an aid with theo­lo­gy, reli­gious stu­dies and interculturality.

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Feld bestellen

Die­ses Video gibt Ein­bli­cke, wie die Mit­ar­bei­ter von Dawn Trust Com­mu­ni­ty Care (DTCC) den Men­schen bei­brin­gen, ihre Fel­der auf nach­hal­ti­ge Wei­se zu bestel­len, die Gott ehrt.
Eli­as Sali­uya, der Lei­ter des land­wirt­schaft­li­chen Berei­ches, zeigt es und erklärt, wor­auf es ankommt.
Wei­te­re Infos zum Pro­jekt: www.liebenzell.org/mushili

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Wie man Kompost herstellt

In die­sem Video wird erklärt, wie man Kom­post her­stellt, der zum Anbau von Gemü­se und als Dün­ger für Nutz­pflan­zen ver­wen­det wer­den kann. Anstatt teu­re Dün­ge­mit­tel zu kau­fen, kann Kom­post die­se erset­zen. Eli­as Sali­uya zeigt, wie man einen Kom­post macht, was benö­tigt wird und wie der Zer­set­zungs­pro­zess funktioniert.
Wei­te­re Infos zum Pro­jekt: www.liebenzell.org/mushili

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O Come, O Come, Emmanuel [Country, Rock, EDM, Classic, Reggae – Medley]

We love Christ­mas. Not becau­se it’s a cosy time, ever­y­thing is beau­tiful­ly deco­ra­ted and the­re are lots of pres­ents. We love Christ­mas becau­se our Saviour is born. He has made his way to us humans. No mat­ter who we are, which tas­te we have or what music we love. His mes­sa­ge is for all peo­p­le. He has given us the grea­test gift. That is why we dedi­ca­te this video to HIM.

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Liebenzell Mission (English, short version)

Lie­ben­zell Mis­si­on is an evan­ge­li­cal mis­si­on orga­niza­ti­on. It ope­ra­tes as a inde­pen­dent insti­tu­ti­on world­wi­de in non-deno­mi­na­tio­nal part­ner­ships. It’s appro­xi­m­ate­ly 230 employees are deploy­ed in 23 count­ries around the world. They estab­lish Chris­ti­an churches, pro­vi­de trai­ning, are invol­ved in medi­cal and social pro­jects and help in acu­te emer­gen­ci­es. As a non-pro­fit orga­niza­ti­on, Lie­ben­zell Mis­si­on is finan­ced pri­ma­ri­ly by donations.

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